Monday, September 04, 2006

Dan-Zai Noodles - 擔仔麵

Dan-Zai noodles (or danzi noodles) was started around the time of the late Ching dynasty, in the city of Tainan in the southern part of Taiwan. Dan-Zai noodles were a food stand item, sold by fishermen in Tainan who had to stay on land during the typhoon season. Meant to be a late afternoon or late night snack, dan-zai noodles were served in small portions. Even today even though dan-zai noodles are often served in Taiwanese restaurants and are still served in small portions, meant to compliment other dishes rather than a stand alone meal by itself.

Dan-zai noodles usually consist of yelow ramen noodles cooked rather soft (typical among Taiwanese ramen), served in a light soup and topped off with 肉燥 (rou-zao) a special ground pork sauce made by simmering ground pork with shiitake mushrooms, fried shallots, onions, and seasoned with rice wine, black pepper and Chinese five spice.

★★★★ 好記担仔麺 (Hao-Ji Dan-Zai Noodles) - Taipei

★★★★ 福哥担仔麺 (Brother Fu's Dan Zai Noodle) - Taipei

★★台南大胖擔仔麵 (Tainan Fats Dan-Zai Noodles) - Taipei

★★★ 梅子餐廰 (Mei-Zhi Restaurant) - Taipei


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