Monday, May 01, 2006

旭川ラーメン Asahikawa Ramen

The city of Asahikawa lies in the center of Hokkaido island in the northern part of Japan. Asahikawa style ramen is basically a blend of tonkotsu pork bone soup and seafood soup, often flavored with soy sauce and served with curly ramen noodles. Asahikawa style ramen has very little of the tonkotsu smell, which distinguishes itself from the Kyushu style tonkotsu ramen.

Asahikawa style ramen, like its neighboring city Sapporo, has severe cold winters. Just like Sapporo's miso ramen, the Asahikawa ramen also tries preserve the heat in the soup by covering the ramen with a layer of oil. With the tonkotsu based soup, the oil makes the ramen much heavier than most ramen from Sapporo.

★★★ 旭鳳 (Kyokuhou) - Tokyo

★★ らーめん山頭火 (Santouka) - Tokyo

★★ 風来居 (Fuuraikyo) - Tokyo

★ 旭川 さいじょう (Saijo) - Tokyo

★ 蜂屋 (Hachiya) - Shin Yokohama


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