Monday, May 01, 2006

背脂チャッチャ - Pork Fat cha-cha Ramen

背脂チャッチャ (pork fat cha-cha) is an extremely heavy ramen that has been around Tokyo for the last 30 years or so. 背脂 refers to the thick layer of cooked pork fat which they run through a strainer and rain down the little pieces of fat into the bowl of ramen. The チャッチャ "cha-cha" is supposedly describing the movement/sound of straining the pork fat.

This rich oily soup is usually a great match with raw minced garlic or 紅生姜 (pickled sweet ginger), most of these stores will have these extra toppings available on the table.

While many "pork fat cha-cha" style ramen stores use a pretty rich soup to begin with, there are some rare stores that start out with a lighter soup.

★★ ばんからら~めん (Bankara ramen) - Tokyo

★★★ 野方ホープ軒 (Nogata Hope-ken) - Tokyo

★★ ラーメン 二郎 (Ramen Jiro) - Tokyo

★★ らーめん 香月 (Kazuki) - Tokyo


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