Monday, June 12, 2006

★★ Thai Kitchen - Kirkland

Thai Kitchen has been around the Seattle East side area for 25 years, while I've visited them numerous times for their curry and and Rainbow yum yum, here I am only interested in their noodle dish - Yen Ta Fo.

The Soup - is shocking pink! Compare this to the Yentafo noodle I had at Noodle House, the Yen Ta Fo at Thai Kitchen looks more like a modern museum art piece than something edible. The flavor of the soup is as intense as its appearance, spicy, sour and very salty. IMO they went a little overboard with the salt and yentafo sauce.

The Noodles - are the thin Chantaboon noodles used in pad thai, the noodles must have been cooking in the soup for quite a bit for it to soak up all the pink coloring, but the noodles were firm and delicious.

The Toppings - spinach, fried wonton, squid balls, fried tofu, and shrimp, all pink in color and great match to the spicy and sour soup.

Overall - I liked the dish overall but I feel the flavor was a little too intense for me to recommend out right. Maybe this was an anomoly and someone accidentaly spilled too much salt on this day. Ask them to take it easy on the salt and you can adjust the flavoring on your own. The thin, firm noodles were a treat and worth coming back for for ramen fans.


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