Sunday, September 10, 2006

★★★ 伊豆高原イーグル (Izu-Plateau Eagle) - Tokyo

Izu-Plateau Eagle sure is a strange name for a ramen place. It is a tiny ramen store in Shibuya that is a short walk from the southern train station exit. I really didn't expect much when visiting this place but was quite impressed with their noodles here. I tried their チャーシューメン (Cha-shu ramen).

The Soup - is a delicious chicken soup that is simple yet deep, which I imagine has been slowly cooked with a variety of vegetables to give it a nice sweet flavor. The soup is a great match with the slight soy sauce seasoning and green onions.

The Noodles - are thin curly noodles cooked firm. These noodles taste just like the Hong Knog stlye noodles, the first time I encountered this style of noodles in Japan. Unlike HK style noodles, these noodles are springy, smooth and much more of a joy to eat.

The Toppings - are many slices of cha-shu pork, boiled egg, a slice of dried seaweed and a LOT of green onions. The cha-shu pork is very lightly seasoned, sweet and delicious. The green onions sweet and actually a great match with the soup.

Overall - a ramen that is a little bit more Chinese style than Japanese, but simple and delicious none the least. A nice break from the heavy
Tonkotsu ramen or fancy double blend soup ramen. This place reminds me of the old school ramen where they took cheap, simple ingredients and made them into something special. If you are in Shibuya, I'd still recommend Suzuran, which is close by and very similar in style to Izu-Plateau Eagle.


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