Monday, January 08, 2007

★★ 博多天神 (Hakata-Tenjin) - Tokyo

Hakata-Tenjin is another Hakata style ramen chain that sprouted all over Tokyo from 2003. I went to their store in Shinjuku’s Kabuki district. I ordered a ネギラーメン (Ramen with extra spring onions).

The Soup – is a lighter Hakata style tonkotsu pork bone soup, there is very little of the typical tonkotsu smell. The soup seems to be lacking the punch that most tonkotsu ramen has.

The Noodles – are also the standard thin straight ramen cooked very firm.

The Toppings – were just okay. Cha-shu pork, sliced kikurage mushrooms, fully cooked boiled egg and spring onions. Like most Hakata style ramen stores there were also a lot of extra toppings for you to add to the ramen such as ground fresh garlic and takana pickled vegetables.

Overall – Hakata-Tenjin was acceptable but nothing really stood out for this ramen. The store décor was actually quite crass (it has a statue of a pig and tanuki out front) and I was expecting a less refined ramen more along the lines of Goten or Nandan-Kanden. There are many better choices for Hakata style ramen all over Tokyo.


At 3:14 AM, Blogger jd said...

I have been going to Hakata Ramen since 1998 in Shinjuku. I recommend to just get "Ramen". If you get a coupon at the door you get free kaidama, or extra noodles. Only one shop in Shibuya doesnt do this, although the quality of the ramen is better overall there. Also the main reason to go to Hakata Tenjin is that the basic ramen only sets you back 500 yen. I recommend getting a couple of extra hard boiled eggs.


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