Tuesday, May 16, 2006

★★★★ らーめん瞠 (Miharu) - Tokyo

Miharu is another ramen store that falls into the tonkotsu/seafood double soup category, it's becoming apparent to me that this is the trendy flavored ramen in Tokyo at the moment. I tried the 味玉らーめん (aji-tama ramen) or flavored boiled egg ramen.

The Soup - is a tonkotsu/seafood blend double soup, with what seems like a strong dried bonito flavor that dominates over the tonkotsu soup. The soup is quite salty but the flavor and aroma of bonito makes the soup easy to eat Slightly on the heavy side with a layer of oil on the soup.

The Noodles - are medium thickness straight noodles cooked very firm. The noodles are very delicious but could be a little softer.

The Toppings - are average. The cha-shu was forgetable, the menma bamboo was very large, almost bigger than the cha-shu, but crunchy and delicious. The boiled egg was strongly flavored and delicious as well.

Overall - worth the trip to Ebisu station, I highly recommend this ramen for people of all levels of ramen experience. About a 3 minute walk from the station it is hidden among the buidlings to the east of Ebisu station so you might need some effort to locate this place. There is also another Miharu located in Ikebukuro.



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