Saturday, July 01, 2006

★ Green Village - Seattle

Green Village is a Chinese restaraunt that serves a variety of authentic Chinese food with fast food like prices. There is nothing fancy about this place, simple fold up tables, plastic bowls & plates, a menu filled with items you'll see being sold on food stands rather than at up scale restaraunts, but the place is bright and clean and the store greets you warmly with each visit. On this day I tried a standard noodle soup dish: 紅焼牛肉麺 (beef noodle soup).

The Soup - is a slightly spicy beef based, soy sauce flavored broth that has a good hint of Chinese herbs and spices. This soup would've been better if it didn't have so much of the flavor of the noodle blended in it.

The Noodles - aren't very good. The noodles they use are these wide, flat noodles that are very soft and absorb the soup really fast. As the noodles turn soggy the salty flavor of the noodles blend in with the flavor of the soup, ruining the pure flavor of the beef broth.

The Toppings - the beef could have been a little softer, the veggies are simply boiled spinach.

Overall - still a bargain for its price and quality. Come here for their fried rice and other Chinese dishes. If you are looking for a good beef noodles soup then I would recommend Sandie's Gourmet or Szechuan Noodle Bowl, both located in Seattle.

Green Village - 516 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104


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