Thursday, January 11, 2007

★★★ じゃんがららあめん (Jyangara Ramen) - Tokyo

Jyangara Ramen is yet another Hakata style ramen chain that has joined the competition in Tokyo. Located in Harajuku, Jyangara is just a stones throw away from the train station. During my visit I tried the 九州じゃんがららあめん (Kyushu Jyangara Ramen).

The Soup - is a tonkotsu (pork bone) broth that seems a bit thinner than most of the other Hakata ramen places. The ramen shop itself was filled with the signature tonkotsu smell but the soup was surprisingly void of the smell.

The Noodles - are thin, straight noodles cooked very firm. Standard Hakata style noodles, these dense noodles absorb some of the soup without becoming soggy and are a great match with the rich soup.

The Toppings - include a thick slice of cha-shu pork, cuts of kakuni slow cooked pork, kikurage slice mushrooms, menma bamboo, and mentaiko (cod roe pickled in sake and red chili powder). The cha-shu and kakuni pork are both very tender and tasty (maybe a bit too much fat).

Overall - a pretty good Hakata style ramen. I tried the Kyushu Jyangara ramen which is lighter, if you like a richer, thicker soup then you should try their ぼんしゃんらあめん (bonshan ramen). Jyangara ramen is located west of the JR Harajuku station right next to the stairs for the pedestrian sky bridge, you need to walkup a flight of stairs to get to the store.

Harajuku store:
Akihabara store:


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