Wednesday, May 17, 2006

★ 味噌丸 (Miso-maru) - Tokyo

Miso-maru is a ramen store located near Ebisu station in Tokyo that focuses only on miso flavored ramen. I ordered their 味噌玉子ラーメン (miso egg ramen).

The Soup - is surprising light and slightly sweet. The flavor of the soup is a blend of white miso with a strong accent of ground sesame. However the soup did feel a bit too light, I really wasn't able to figure out what the soup stock was.

The Noodles - are flat curly noodles cooked medium firm. The noodles are very springy and chewy, but the texture might be a bit too strong for the lightly flavored soup.

The Toppings - are a healthy mix of corn, spinach, and stir fried bean sprouts and onions. The boiled egg was pretty salty and boring. There were a lot of additional spices available on the table though, fresh ground sesame, spicy bean sprouts, raw ground garlic, and shichimi Japanese hot spices. The raw garlic did not go well with the ramen at all.

Overall - a hit and miss ramen that still needs some work. The overall balance of the soup and ramen wasn't there, the toppings needed more refinement. I must say that this ramen seemed very healthy though, not oily at all and not too salty, plus all the vegetables as well. While harder to get to, Miso-ichi seems like the better option if you want to get some good miso ramen in the Tokyo area.


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