Sunday, July 02, 2006

★★ Hong Kong Noodle House - Seattle

Hong Kong Noodle House is another Cantonese style wonton noodles restaurant that recently opened in Seattle's international district. They have a huge menu and a lot of non- noodles dishes. Their Congee is very good as well though I came here for the noodles. On this day I tried their beef tendon wonton noodles.

The Soup - is a delicious lightly seasoned broth that has a lot of flavor, I am guessing it is a combination of pork and chicken but I am not sure.

The Noodles - are the standard contonese noodles, thin and very tough, not the type of noodles where you can slurp and swallow like Japanese ramen noodles.

The Toppings - are very good. The beef tendon are very tender and delicious. The wontons are filled with pork and shrimp, firm and flavorful. I wish I can learn how they make their wontons achieve such firmness, they are almost springy (some Chinese describe the texture as almost being "crunchy").

Overall - the wontons never dissapoint. I am not a fan of the noodles but the soup and toppings make everything worth it. I am almost tempted to just make a special order of beef tendon wonton soup, without any noodles. Hong Kong Noodle House opens until late at night making it a great place for a late night snack.

Hong Kong Noodle House - 414 8th Ave S Seattle WA 98104


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